• 10 Units

    24/7 Digital Marketing

    COURSE INTRODUCTION: Marketing is an essential part of our everyday life at 24/7 Teach. We will take you on a journey through the evolving digital…
  • 3 Units

    24/7 Performance Evaluation

    COURSE INTRODUCTION: This course is designed to facilitate superstar reflection and evaluation. The evaluations analyze 24/7 superstar’s soft skills, mindset, and abilities to write, read…
  • 6 Units

    Instructional Design – Advanced

    In this course, you will be introduced to the concepts of instructional design, the 24/7 success-driven education model, and the 24/7 instructional design framework.
  • 3 Units

    Instructional Design and Delivery Mastery Certificate

    Learn to create and implement effective learning experiences on digital platforms through an understanding of instructional design principles, technology, and application. Gain the skills you need to develop or enhance a career in K–12 education, higher education, corporate training, nonprofit education, museums, or related organizations.
  • 7 Units

    Introduction to HR, Operations, Human Development

    This course will teach you the basics of Human Resources, Operations, and Human Development and how they all interconnect. You will gain the knowledge and practical experience to get the job of your desires because you receive: Theoretical knowledge:  (Access to the latest industry information), Practical experience:  (The opportunity to implement your work in a real company setting - No fake simulations), Access to Experts:  (Get feedback from real Executives in the field), Resume Building opportunities: (Your work will be used by real companies, which can be added to your resume or portfolio to show previous experiences.) Please register or login before attempting to take this course.