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GMAT – Section 1: Test 2

Justice June 4, 2015

Integrated Reasoning (Questions 9-12)

Use the following to answer questions 9 through 10.

In a certain casino game, a player is given a number of chips worth $2 each. For each round played, each player bets exactly one chip and only one player wins, while the others lose. The winning player collects all the chips bet by all players. Once the game has begun, no new players are allowed to join and no new chips are allowed to be purchased. Each player must play in all rounds until they have depleted their entire allotment of chips. In a recent set of rounds, three players were present and each started with $60 worth of chips. No player lost more than five consecutive times.

Use the following to answer questions 11 through 12.

Two of the features observed among some species of a newly classified family of water-dwelling reptiles, the MarBog lizards, are suction cups on the underside of their hands and feet as well as patagia, or bat-like “wings” that extend from their wrists to their lower torso. All the species ever determined to have dwelled in the Hnogo River have had the suction cups but have lacked the patagia. The patagia makes it impossible for MarBog lizards to swim in fast flowing water such as that found in the Hnogo River. Evidence of habitation by Marbog lizards has been identified at the mouth of the Hnogo River, where it empties into the Dugu Bay. Although none of the Marbog lizards are able to survive in a saltwater environment, the mouth of the Hnogo River has been salty throughout recent times.

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