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Radu is a full-stack developer based in Romania who specializes in Shopify, WordPress, and Laravel. He has more than a decade of professional experience and has been working as a full-time freelancer since 2012. Lately, he’s been mainly working with agencies—developing WordPress themes and plugins and Shopify for third-party apps where he uses Laravel and PHP. He’s a highly capable professional specializing in WordPress with the ability to offer extensive technical expertise coupled with outstanding communication skills.

Here is a basic format that you can build on and follow as per your project to create a comprehensive project outline before hiring WordPress developers. For clarity about the project outline and requirements, create a comprehensive outline for the brief you’ll give to your WordPress developer. This kind of clarity in vision will help you identify the skills you require in a WordPress developer. You can even choose to hire some rising WordPress Development Companies and Design and Development Agencies for your project.

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Many small businesses can run successfully by applying the DIY approach. They can also keep the costs low by using as many free tools and plugins as possible. You can hire single developers as well as dev teams from the DevTeam.Space community. You will be assigned an account manager who will help you find the developer that is most suited to your project.

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They should be skilled in programming and know how to use code versioning tools like Mercurial, Git, and SVN. In addition, you should be aware of back-end technologies such as Apache, PHP, and MySQL, as well as understand debugging tools and website architecture. With some guidance and effort, you can easily vet and hire WordPress developers. The marketplaces that we have mentioned above make it all the more easy for you to find a candidate who best fits your business.

Trusted Sources to Find and Hire WordPress Developers

Among some of the most famous companies that use WordPress are The Walt Disney Company, Pulse by Target, and PlayStation.Blog. Modern trends change so quickly that most of the analytics cannot catch up with their speed. According to W3techs, WordPress’ market share has reached 60.1% of all CMS (which is more than all other solutions like Drupal, Joomla, etc. combined).

hire wordpress consultant

A WordPress website consultant is someone who can help you with all aspects of your WordPress website. Whether a beginner or an experienced user, a consultant can help hire wordpress consultant you get the most out of your WordPress website. In other words, you usually bring in a consultant because you want advice from someone with a vast body of experience.

WordPress Development Services

Hence, the WordPress developers they allow on their platform are brilliant in their craft, which involves WordPress theme development, plugin customizations, coding and more. And the last tip for hiring a WordPress developer is to ensure that all parties involved understand the scope of the job and or project. A lot of times clients will hire developers in a rush for a job which has not been fully defined. And due to the miscommunication, this usually results in an unfinished project, loss of time and money, and sometimes a ruined relationship. As a WordPress consultant, I help people plan and bring their ideas to life using WordPress.

However, make sure you perform your due diligence and go through a proper screening process to hire a freelancer for WordPress development. Once they submit their trial task, a team should sit to review it, and accordingly offer a package to the selected candidate. If they have performed outstandingly, they should be hired regardless of their package demand, because one highly skilled WordPress developer is better than five unskilled ones. When candidates start applying on your job posting, just their CV is not enough. You must ask them to show you their work portfolio and ask them for their Linkedin profile as well. Look at the reviews and ratings on their work profiles and ask them to provide two recommendation letters as well to confirm their work ethics.

Better Communication, Tasks and Payments Management

The billing is done according to the time spent by the team for small-sized, short-term projects largely for maintenance and upgradation. The billing is done according to a fixed project cost for larger projects with definitive requirements. Creating your first website can be a grueling and time-consuming process. However, hiring an expert to handle the work for you can make it a lot easier. WPRiders is a WordPress development agency that connects small companies with the right professionals. For example, assigning them a short project can help you better assess both their soft and technical skills.

  • Dice is a leading database for technology professionals managing over 9 million profiles in the United States.
  • WPMU DEV is a great place to find professionals for small to medium-sized projects.
  • Since the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working has become increasingly popular globally; therefore, a consultant can work from anywhere.
  • Their team helps with new site development, maintenance, plugin development, day-to-day WP help, and more.
  • Although often used interchangeably, a WordPress developer is not the same profession as a website designer.

It is a well-known fact, that Asian devs work for pennies often resulting in poor final products. Meanwhile, developers in Eastern Europe offer quality services at lower rates but the quality of their products are not influenced by rates. John has been using WordPress both professionally and as a hobby for over five years now. He shares his WordPress expertise by blogging and teaching others how to use the CMS.

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Here is a list of trusted sources you can use to find and hire WordPress Developers of top caliber. You can also take this one step further and have them complete a coding test. This is an easy way to filter out people who don’t have the required skill level. TestDome has a great PHP and WordPress test which you can require candidates to take.

hire wordpress consultant

Then, we’ll go over some tips and questions to help you identify the perfect candidate. With a WordPress consultant on your side, running an online business should go much smoother. Ensure your shortlisted WordPress developer is able to communicate with you and the team regarding the project.

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The folder’s name should be indicative of the purpose of the plugin. Finally, it should be prefixed with a unique namespace, so as to avoid conflicts with any of the thousands of existing WordPress plugins that https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ may have a similar name. Custom post types offer a solution for organizing a website’s content. Before creating a custom post type, interview stakeholders to get a sense of how the project could evolve.

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