Reply To: Unit 2 – UX/UI Research: Reflection and Discussion Questions

  • Geneva

    May 22, 2022 at 12:21 am

    1. What are your three most important takeaways from Unit 2?

    The three most important takeaways are:

    * Problem statements should not contain a solution.

    * The four steps of user research synthesis are collecting and organizing the data, mining the data, sorting and grouping data, and identifying insights.

    * There are 6 types of biases. They are confirmation bias, false consensus bias, primacy bias, recency bias, implicit bias, and sunk cost fallacy.

    2. What would you do differently to improve your learning and performance with Unit 2?

    I would watch the support videos and space out my course assignments more so I can process the lessons from Unit 2.

    3. How would you improve this unit for the next learner completing it?

    I would improve this unit by providing a video that identifies each type of research bias that a UX designer/researcher would face in the user research stage of the design process.

    4. What surprised you the most about Unit 2?

    I was surprised that designers and researchers use informal discussions with users to get an insight into their internal biases when researching and purchasing products.