Reply To: Unit 1 – UX/UI Design Overview: Reflection and Discussion Questions

  • Geneva

    April 28, 2022 at 10:26 pm

    Dear Charlene,

    1) The three most important takeaways from Unit 1 are:

    1. Information architecture is the organization of information on a digital product.
    2. Discovery is a preliminary stage where designers gather insight about the user and gain initial direction for the problem. It does not include the testing of hypotheses or solutions.
    3. The nine-layer Pace Layering of Design are:
    • Designing visuals
    • Designing interactions
    • Designing flows
    • Designing whole features or sections of a product
    • Designing apps/products
    • Designing teams
    • Designing businesses
    • Designing society
    • Designing nature

    They are the framework of design and address the relationship between the design team, stakeholders, society, and the environment.<div>

    2) I would search for diagrams and visual models of key topics before completing each activity to improve my learning and performance with Unit 1.

    3) I would improve this unit for the next learner completing it by including a mental study checklist of the unit so the learner can see how they are progressing through the unit.

    4) One question I have after completing Unit 1 is:

    What happens when a UX designer does not complete all nine layers of the Pace Layering of Design?

    – Geneva Royer