UX/UI Design Fundamentals

The assignments will help you practice important UX/UI design methods in order to solve real business problems.

Charlene · June 1, 2020


In this course, you will be introduced to the User Experience and User Interface Design (UX/UI Design) process.

The assignments will help you practice important UX/UI design methods in order to solve real business problems.

In this course, you will watch videos and read articles about UX/UI design. You will conduct research and design pages of a responsive website prototype. Also, you will take notes on the materials, complete assignments, answer research questions, participate in a group discussion forum, check your knowledge with assessments, and create presentation videos.


  • SKILLS PRACTICED: Technology, Communication, Creative, Project Management, Leadership, Social-Emotional, Scientific Inquiry, Reading Comprehension, Writing, Listening, Research, Note-Taking, Reflection, Critical Thinking, Media Production, and Design
  • SUBJECTS COVERED: User Experience (UX) Design, User Interface (UI) Design, and the Design Thinking Process
  • POTENTIAL SUCCESS HABITS DEVELOPED: Time Management and Organization, Questioning and Posing Problems, Gathering Data Through All Senses/Capacity to Research, Listening with Understanding and Empathy, Active Learning/Self-Motivation, Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision, Active Memorization and Recall, Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations
  • COURSE DURATION: 8 -12 Weeks 
  • COURSE REQUIREMENTS: A background in the graphic design industry is not required for this course. You will need to have access to Google Drive to access the project and assignments.
  • COURSE PARTICIPATION: Learners can participate in this course individually or as a group.
  • COURSE AGE REQUIREMENTS: For learners 15 years and up.



  • Conduct user experience research, such as a discovery survey and user interviews
  • Organize your ideas into a mind map
  • Sort content into a visual site map to create a navigational system
  • Sketch your user interface ideas as wireframes
  • Design pages of a responsive website using an industry-approved prototyping tool
  • Test your prototype solution with your user audience


Think of yourself in the following scenario as you complete the activities.

  • You are a new UX/UI Designer for 24/7 Teach, an innovative education company. Although 24/7 Teach has high ratings for their courses and educational experiences, the founders have discovered that sales and conversions have drastically slowed. 
  • Your role is to complete the entire UX/UI discovery and evaluation process for the current design of the 24/7 Teach website and mobile app, and design a new user experience, website, web pages, and mobile app that  greatly increases conversion and the overall user experience.


You have multiple steps and resources to review and complete in this course. We recommend that you complete one step at a time. Do not rush your learning or to complete the assignment. Some of the information in the learning materials are new, and some of it is repetitious. The learning materials have been chosen to provide you with different viewpoints on the same topics. We believe repetition brings mastery, but feel free to skip if need be.

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Charlene is a UX/UI Designer turned instructor with 5+ years of professional UX/UI Design experience. She has designed digital products for startups in the EdTech industry to web applications for established businesses in the Medical and Health & Wellness space. Her favorite parts of the UX/UI Design process are ideation and usability testing.

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