AFLEX Leadership for Women in Government

This course is for learners participating in the African Leadership Excellence Academy.

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Leadership is not merely a title but a skillset, a mindset, and a responsibility that can be nurtured and honed. This becomes particularly crucial for women navigating the complexities of public service, corporate governance, and societal expectations. The Women’s Leadership Program by the African Leadership Excellence Academy aims to bridge the gender leadership gap by empowering women with essential skills, strategic thinking, and a robust network to effect change at all stages of nation-building.

We believe that the empowerment and inclusion of women in leadership roles are not just ethical imperatives but also contribute to efficient governance and sustainable development.

Why? Because women’s equality and empowerment have broad-ranging benefits—from fostering social inclusion to ensuring peaceful and just societies.

In this meticulously curated program, you will delve into the nuances of effective leadership, from building confidence to developing competencies, from strategic thinking to people management. You’ll understand why women leaders are not just a societal need but also an organizational asset.

In this course, you will watch inspiring videos, engage with case studies, complete leadership-focused assignments, and participate in discussions that bring forth the perspective of women in leadership roles. Through interactive activities and guided mentorship, you’ll unlock your leadership potential and prepare for the various challenges that come your way.


  • SKILLS PRACTICED: Leadership Development, Strategic Thinking, Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Team Building, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Project Management, Public Speaking
  • SUBJECTS COVERED: Leadership, Management, Public Service, Gender Equality, Decision Making, Strategic Planning
  • POTENTIAL SUCCESS HABITS DEVELOPED: Time Management and Organization, Striving for Accuracy, Gathering Data Through All Senses/Capacity to Research, Active Memorization and Recall, Questioning and Posing Problems, Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision, Providing and Seeking Mentorship, Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations
  • COURSE DURATION: 120 Hours
  • COURSE REQUIREMENTS: You will need to have access to a computer with an internet connection to access the course materials and assignments and Google Drive to access the project and assignments
  • COURSE PARTICIPATION: Learners can participate in this course individually or as a group.
  • COURSE AGE REQUIREMENTS: For learners 18 years and up.



  • Understand the significance and role of women in leadership, both in public service and the corporate world.
  • Gain insight into various leadership styles and identify your own.
  • Develop key leadership competencies such as strategic thinking, decision-making, and effective communication.
  • Learn how to navigate challenges unique to women in leadership roles and strategies for career advancement.
  • Understand the societal, economic, and organizational impact of gender equality and women empowerment.
  • Engage in exercises and scenarios to build self-confidence and assertiveness.
  • Implement strategies to build and lead diverse teams effectively.
  • Explore case studies to understand the ethical dilemmas and challenges women leaders face and learn how to resolve them.
  • Build a personal leadership development plan tailored to your career goals.


Think of yourself in the following scenario as you complete this course.

Video Transcript:

  • You are a dedicated and talented professional who has just stepped into a leadership role. Fueled by your determination to excel and shatter the glass ceiling, your decision to enroll in this course illustrates your motivation, ambition, and drive to continue your journey as a woman in a leadership position. You’re excited to gain invaluable insights, strategies, and tools to navigate the complexities of leadership, overcome obstacles, advance your own career and support others.


You have multiple steps and resources to review and complete in this course. We recommend that you complete one step at a time. Do not rush your learning or complete the assignment. Some of the information in the learning materials is new, and some of it is repetitious. The learning materials have been chosen to provide you with different viewpoints on the same topics. We believe repetition brings mastery, but feel free to skip if necessary.

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