Administration of Medication

Learn the Administration of Medication.
Jasmin Whitfield · August 21, 2021

Welcome to the Administration of Medication Training!

Training/Course Rules:

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  • Lesson Completion: Complete each lesson and or assignment in sequential order.  (Example: You must complete lesson #1 before you can advance to lesson 1A or 2).  
  • Going Back: In order to go back to a previous page you may click the back button in your browser or simply click on the Lesson desired from the left side of your web page.
  • Assignments: Assignments will need to be printed, completed, scanned or photographed (using a smartphone), and uploaded to be considered submitted. Once successfully submitted you will automatically advance to the next lesson (assignments can be uploaded as PDFs or as a JPG file).
  • Quizzes: Passing quizzes with an 80% or more will automatically advance you to the next lesson. Achieving less than 80% will require you to retake the quiz (except for the final assessment ).
  • Lesson Timer: Each Lesson has a forced timer.  This means that you must view all of the lesson’s content, including instructions and videos, in its entirety in order to advance to the next lesson.  

Disclaimer:  The information provided in this training is intended to provide educational information only and is not considered complete medical advice. Always consult a physician and/or healthcare provider for specific medical treatment for a student.  If you have any questions regarding the information provided in this training consult a physician and/or healthcare provider.  

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