College Essay Writing and Communication

Diallyo Diggs · November 23, 2020

Are you great at communicating complex subjects in a way that makes them easy to understand? If so, you should consider entering the well-paying field of technical writing. This course will teach you the fundamental techniques that all successful technical writers use. You will learn how to translate complex information into easily understood language, and how to become a wizard at marrying the art of publishing with the science of technology.

You will also learn the secrets of successful technical writers, including technical writing conventions, interviewing skills, desktop publishing and formatting techniques, key tips for developing graphics and templates, documentation management, and how to publish documents both on paper and electronically.

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Diallyo Diggs

Diallyo Diggs has a passion for education. One of the biggest influencers on Diallyo’s love of education was his fifth grade teacher, Dr. James Irby, who showed Diallyo what a teacher truly could be and how proper education could open up the world to an individual no matter what their status in life. After High School, Diallyo continued his journey at Florida A&M University, where he graduated with a BS in Criminal Justice. Realizing his love of law and policy, he was then accepted into the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William & Mary. After graduating with his JD, Diallyo discovered his second passion, business.

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