24/7 Success Driven Education Model – Draft

The 24/7 Success Education Model is a new education model created by the 24/7 Education group. It is based on a combination of Project, Inquiry, and Habits based learning and focusses on guiding learners to develop the habits to be successful in any situation or opportunity.
Widlyne · January 20, 2019


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Widlyne has been in the education field as a teacher and trainer for the last 14 years. She started in the middle school sector, and then taught elementary school for 7 years. Presently, for the last few years, she has been teaching English to adults privately and at an adult school. Widlyne is a certified teacher in the US and Canada. Widlyne has a BA in Theology with a minor in elementary education as well as a MA in Reading/Language Arts and is currently seeking her TESOL certificate from TESL Canada. Widlyne works tirelessly to support her students in all areas of their lives. She believes in the development of the whole individual and everyone at any age can learn and improve their lives.

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