24/7 Economics

This course will give you a basic understanding of Economics and how it connects to everyday life.
Justice · September 5, 2019



Directions: Please read the course introduction below to understand how to properly complete this course.

Economics.  It’s about earning and spending money.  It’s how businesses grow.  It’s using resources to satisfy needs and wants.  It’s taxes and interest rates and credit cards and savings accounts.  It’s in everything from local production to global trade.

The study of economics is as essential for the “average person” as it is for the economist.  Why?  Because so much of it reaches into the very pocketbook of every single home around the globe.

Besides the practical side that most of us face daily, philosophies of economics shape our country, other countries, and our world.  As citizens (and therefore voters), we get to have a say in the future of our country’s economic system through the leaders we put into office.

In 24/7 Economics, you will deepen your understanding of the economic problems and institutions of the nation and the world in which you live. You will practice life application skills such as budgeting, time management, and college & career preparation to understand scarcity and opportunity costs. You will also use charts, graphs, and tables to examine the laws of supply and demand.

We will take you on a journey through the evolving economic world and teach the fundamentals to help you navigate and thrive as a 24/7 Economist.

In this course, you will watch videos, read articles, complete Economic assignments, and participate in a group discussion forum covering Economics.  Also, you will take notes on the materials, answer research questions, complete assessments, and create instructional presentations and videos.


  • SKILLS PRACTICED: Economics, Content Writing, Listening, Research, Note-Taking, Reflection, Critical Thinking, Video Production, Project Management, Social Media Management
  • SUBJECTS COVERED: Economics, Finance
  • POTENTIAL SUCCESS HABITS DEVELOPED: Time Management and Organization, Striving for Accuracy, Gathering Data Through All Senses/Capacity to Research, Active Memorization and Recall, Questioning and Posing Problems, Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision, Providing and Seeking Mentorship, Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations
  • COURSE DURATION: 120 days
  • COURSE REQUIREMENTS: You will need to have access to Google Drive to access the project and assignments
  • COURSE PARTICIPATION: Learners can participate in this course individually or as a group.
  • COURSE AGE REQUIREMENTS: For learners 18 years and up.



  • Why are some countries rich and some countries poor?
  • Why do women earn less than men?
  • How can data help us understand the world?
  • Why do we ignore information that could help us make better decisions?
  • What causes recessions


Think of yourself in the following scenario as you complete this course.

  • You are a new Economics and Research intern working with 24/7 Teach.  Your focus during the internship is to develop an effective economic strategy for the company which will allow the organization to successfully achieve its objectives. 


You have multiple steps and resources to review and complete in this course. We recommend that you complete one step at a time. Do not rush your learning or to complete the assignment. Some of the information in the learning materials are new, and some of it is repetitious. The learning materials have been chosen to provide you with different viewpoints on the same topics. We believe repetition brings mastery, but feel free to skip if need be.

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