About Us

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y name is Widlyne Antoine-Filion and I am the Chief Education Officer for 24/7 Teach. Our team has over 75 years of Teaching, Tutoring, and Training experience. We have developed and managed educational programs designed to fit the needs of learning communities across the U.S.

Our vision is to develop and design learning platforms and  curriculum that promote 21st Century skills of problem solving, teamwork/collaboration, and communication so that students develop into competent contributors in the real world.

Our Teaching philosophy for students and trainees is “Asses, Understand, Support”, and our educational services are designed to provide families and educators access to quality training, educational tools, and improved student/parent outcomes.

We guide and assist parents and teachers in the full and ongoing implementation of the National and State based Common Core and College Readiness Standards.

We collaborate with educators, administrators, and parents regarding the implementation of research based instructional strategies that are direct, explicit, and systematic with a focus on live virtual instructional support and content development that increases access as well as enrichs student learning.

We review and analyze assessment data to diagnose aptitude and obstacles in order to assist parents and educators in determining appropriate student interventions and provide adult training via modeling, support, and professional development. We are 24/7 Educators and Trainers. Welcome to our 24/7 Learning Center!

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Our Performance Goals[gap size=”25px”]

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Our Instructional and Service Goals:[gap size=”25px”]

[skill_bar heading=”Our Students will increase their Reading Comprehension scores by 31% within Six Months” percent=”31%” style=”background-color: #0ed6cf”]

[skill_bar heading=”Our Students will increase their Math scores by 22% within Six Months” percent=”22%” style=”background-color: #0ed6cf”]

[skill_bar heading=”Our Services will increase global education access and equality by 35 % within Three Years” percent=”35%” style=”background-color: #0ed6cf”]

[skill_bar heading=”95% of users will rate our educational services 5 out of 5″ percent=”95%” style=”background-color: #0ed6cf”]