About Us


About Us:

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24/7 Learning Center  is an online platform developed and run by educators committed to addressing the the needs of every student.

  • As educators, we know that learning is not a one- size- fits- all solution.  That’s why we built a platform to help all students get ahead, by recognizing that everyone learns differently – providing you tools for visual learners, auditory learners, reading & writing and Kinesthetic.
  • We also want to ensure all parents and children, regardless of race, location, income, and access to technology, have access to Quality Education.

Our Goals are simple:

  • Students will gain confidence in subject areas and become better learners
  • Parents will have access to resources to better support their children
  • Quality Education will be accessible any time, anywhere


Our Team:

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Together we have over 75 years of Teaching, Tutoring, and Training  experience.  We have developed and managed educational programs designed to fit the needs of learning communities across the U.S.

Chief Education Officer (CEDO) 

Widlyne has been in the education field as a teacher and trainer for the last 14 years. She started in the middle school sector, and then taught elementary school for 7 years. Presently, for the last few years, she has been teaching English to adults privately and at an adult school. Widlyne is a certified teacher in the US and Canada. Widlyne has a BA in Theology with a minor in elementary education, a MA in Reading/Language Arts, and  TESOL certificate. Widlyne works tirelessly to support her students in all areas of their lives. She believes in the development of the whole individual and everyone at any age can learn and improve their lives.

Although Widlyne was educated and most of her work experience is from the United States, she now resides and teaches in Quebec with her husband, where she enjoys hiking, writing, dancing, and learning a new language.  Welcome to our 24/7 Learning Center!


Our Process:

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1. Assess

Take practice tests in multiple subject areas to determine Educational Strengths and Weaknesses, Learning Styles, Intelligence Levels, while gaining confidence and overcoming test taking anxiety.


Our tools analyze and evaluate the learner’s current status and offer resources for what is needed to advance and improve.

3. Support

Utilize our Recommended Lesson Plans, Instructional Calendars,  Self-Guided Lessons/Courses, Live-Classes, Forums, and 24/7 Teachers, Tutors, or Expert Trainers to improve upon and meet your educational needs.